Dienstag, Juli 16, 2013

Julio Cesar Pereira

Master Julio Cesar Pereira is a highly regarded BJJ instructor and a 6 grau black belt (6th degree). Julio Cesar is also the founding member and main instructor of the world famous GF Team (Grappling Fight Team) formerly known as Gama Filho Jiu Jitsu academy. Julio Cesar has been directly involved with the development of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champions such as Rodolfo Vieira, Vitor Henrique, Ricardo Evangelista, Igor Silva and many others.

Julio Cesar Pereira, also known as “Mestre Julio” (translated to Master Julio) was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on the 22nd of December 1964. Julio Cesar started training Jiu Jitsu under Monir Salomão’s tutelage in 1974, and continued training under the Oswaldo Fadda black belt until he received his black belt himself. Master Julio Cesar also reached the rank of black belt in Judo and trained extensively in Luta Livre (a form of Brazilian Submission Wrestling).

The Gama Filho academy was founded by Pedro Gama Filho and Paulo Jardim who coached at the famous University campus for a short while before handing the job in the capable hands of Master Júlio César, Marcus Bello and Alexandre Baraúna, this trio took the project from there on and turned the Gama Filho academy into one of the strongest in the state of Rio de Janeiro while Pedro Gama Filho and Jardim stayed behind the team giving financial support. After the passing of Pedro Gama Filho, the team’s position was weakened and when in 2007 some of Julio Cesar’s competitors transitioned to Mixed Martial Arts the University requested for the name change and to break the long time bound between the team and the Uni. This was Grappling Fight Team was created under the same roster as before.

The break with Gama Filho coincided with a the flourishing of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which catapulted the team to world wide recognition, becoming one of the most prestigious BJJ academies out there with affiliates all over Brazil and the US.

Source: BJJ Hheroes